Patters and Raters????

In the wonderful well-organized world of patRates we believe that only 2 kinds of people exist – the “Patters” and the “Raters”! Now you must be wondering what or more of whom does these words represent?
The “Patters” of our patRates society are our eminent biz owners who provide – the “Raters” the best of their service.  patRates provide a platform for the “Patters” – the businesses to communicate with costumers seeking for the cheapest rates in the market.
Now let see, who does Raters represent ... the consumer of course, yes that’s right the tech savvy, common man, smart enough to just check the all-in-one – one-in-all, efficient site - patRates, rather than waste their time going to a store, a restaurant or a business which isn’t on patRates, why so... that’s cause if a business isn’t on patRates it just not worth it!
PatRates is a beneficial and advantageous tool to all its users!!! We provide a median for consumers to sit in the comfort of their home and still find out about the hottest deals, the biggest discounts and the latest info from producers, wow all this and no catch, isn’t patRates just simply amazing! Indeed!