What is patRates ???

How would it be if you were the first to know about the locally harvested Beacon apples that just arrived at your grocery store? Wouldn’t it be nice if you were the first to know about the specials at your local restaurants and to find which bars to skip tonight? How about being the first to know about the pair of D&G sunglasses you wanted to buy, is on a 50% discount at your favourite boutique.

That’s what patRates does for you. patRates help customers get to know about events at their local or favourite places in an orderly fashion. We provide a platform where local businesses could instantly communicate with their customers through e-mail, web or phone. As a customer you could be the first to know when an item is on sale, if you favourite store will be open on holidays, if the happy hour was extended at your local bar, when the new coupons come out and many more tidings. And wouldn’t you like to rest assured knowing that the message that you receive would be authenticated messages, patRates promises you this. So the next time you take your friend out for a movie make sure you check out patRates, we could help find the perfect deal for you!